The selection screen is displayed in the main screen after you select the disc type and format in the New Compilation window and click the New button. The selection screen consists mainly of the compilation area and the browser area. Essentially, all selection screens have the same structure.
The compilation area is located on the left side of the screen, and is named after the relevant compilation. Files and folders are compiled here for burning. In the browser area (File Browser) on the right side you can find the elements that you want to burn. You can add data to your projects by drag and drop the elements from the browser area to the compilation area.  


If the Browser area is hidden, you can show it again using the  Nero Burning ROM nbr s dateibrowser 63560587 Selection Screen button.
The following setting options are available:
Disc type drop-down menu
Allows you to select another disc type without loss of information. The possibility to change the disc type is useful when starting a compilation without knowing how much space is required by the files.
Available for data compilations only.
Selection list
DVD9 (8152MB) /
DVD5 (4483MB)
Allows you to expand or shrink the capacity bar according to the type of DVD you are going to burn. Choose the DVD9 (8152 MB) option for a double layer DVD (DVD DL) and DVD5 (4483 MB) for a single layer DVD.
Available for all DVD compilations.
Selection list
BD DL (47732MB) /
BD (23866MB)
Allows you to expand or shrink the capacity bar according to the type of Blu-ray Disc you are going to burn. Choose the BD DL (47732MB) option for a double layer Blu-ray Disc (BD DL) and BD (23866MB) for a single layer Blu-ray Disc.
Available for all Blu-ray Disc compilations except BDMV-Video.
Burn Now
Starts the burn process immediately. If you want to check or select the burn or compilation options again before burning, click the Burn button in the upper part of the screen. 
The bottom margin of the screen contains a capacity scale in MB for data discs or minutes (min) for Audio CDs. The exact size of the scale will depend on which disc type you have selected. 
When you are compiling files, a capacity bar indicates how the estimated size of the selected files and the available space on the disc. The color of the capacity bar indicates whether the data will fit on the disc or not:
Green capacity bar
The data will fit on the disc.
Yellow capacity bar
(from the yellow mark on the scale)
The data might fit on the disc. The size of the disc that has been inserted will determine whether the data will fit or not.
Red capacity bar
(from the red mark on the scale)
The data will not fit on the disc.
(Unless you have inserted an oversize disc.)
The yellow and red marks are set by default for discs that are commercially available. The disc type you have selected will determine the exact scale value.


Capacity of the CD recordable disc
For example, blank CDs are available with a capacity of 650 MB (74 min) or 700 MB (80 min). Therefore the yellow mark is set for CDs at 650 MB and the red at 700 MB.


Display the Capacity Bar
If the capacity scale is hidden you can display it again by clicking the File > Options > Compilation menu and by selecting the check box Show the compilation size in the Nero status bar.

Selection Screen