The main screen of Nero Burning ROM is the starting point for all actions. It consists of a menu bar and a toolbar with buttons and a drop-down menu.   
The following menus are available: 
Provides program facilities such as opening, saving, and closing. You can also open the setting options for the compilation, update the compilation, and define configuration options.
Provides editing facilities for the files in the selection screen such as cutting, copying, and deleting. You can also display the properties of a selected file.
Provides the option to customize the user interface and to refresh the file browser.
Provides recorder facilities. You can select the recorder here, start the burn process, and erase a rewritable disc. You can also eject a disc and display disc information.
Provides the option to convert tracks into other formats and to save the songs on an Audio CD to the hard drive.
Provides the option to alter the position of the compilation area and browser area.
Provides help facilities such as opening the help, and shows information about the application.
The following configuration options are available in the tool bar of the main screen. 
Opens the New Compilation window where you can set options for a burn or copy process.
Opens an existing compilation.
Saves the active compilation.
Cuts selected elements in the compilation (selection).
Copies selected elements of the compilation (selection).
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Pastes a selection that was cut or copied beforehand.
Starts Nero CoverDesigner, which you can use to create labels and covers. Information about a current compilation such as title, number, and names of the files is incorporated into the document data. You will find further information in the Nero CoverDesigner manual.
Starts Nero Express. Nero Express is a wizard-driven application based on Nero Burning ROM. You will find further information in the Nero Express manual.
Starts the burn process by opening the Burn Compilation window containing the Burn tab.
Starts the copy process by opening the New Compilation window containing the Burn tab.
Displays information on the disc inserted, such as contents (if any) and capacity for instance.
Opens the selected drive.
Shows or hides the file browser.
Recorder selection menu
Displays available recorders.
Opens the Choose recorder window where you select an available recorder for the burn process from a list.
Opens the Burn Label window where you can create or load a label to print on the label or data side of a Labelflash DVD.
This button is only available if a recorder that supports Labelflash is connected.
Launches Nero CoverDesigner to create or load a label to be printed on the label side of a LightScribe disc.
This button is only available if a recorder that supports Li
ghtScribe is connected.
Displays information on the program and version number.


Access to other applications of Nero is only provided by Nero Burning ROM as part of Nero Multimedia Suite.
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