The process for printing the label is integrated into the burn process. First, the compilation is burned. You then flip the disc over, and the label is being burned. 
It is possible to burn the label several times to the same LightScribe disc. The printed labels will be aligned. This darkens the label und often improves the quality. It is also possible to extend the label with new elements in an additional burn process.
The following requirement must be fulfilled:
A LightScribe recorder is selected.
To print a label within your compilation, proceed as follows:
Select the desired compilation type in the New Compilation window.
(In the case that the New Compilation window is not opened, it can be opened by clicking the New button on the main screen.).
Click the Misc tab.
Select the Print label check box in the LightScribe area.
Click the Create button.
The CD Label Editor window is opened.
Create your label or open an existing one that you have created with Nero CoverDesigner.


The interface in the CD Label Editor window and the procedure for creating labels work on the same principle as Nero CoverDesigner. Please see the Nero CoverDesigner user manual for full instructions on how to make professional looking covers and labels.
Set further options that you require.
Click the New button.
The New Compilation window is closed and the selection screen is displayed.
Select the files to burn (see Compiling Data Disc).
Insert a blank LightScribe CD with the data side facing down.
Click the Burn Now button.
The burn process starts and the compilation is burned. A progress bar indicates the progress being made by the burn process. When the burn process is complete the disc is ejected. A window is opened with the message “Please insert a LightScribe disc into the drive with the label side facing down“.
Insert the blank LightScribe disc into the recorder with the label side facing down and click OK.
The LightScribe Print Properties window is opened and the print process starts. In the LightScribe Print Properties window a progress bar indicates the progress being made. When the print process has finished, a window is opened with the message “Burn process completed successfully“.
Click the OK button.
The disc is ejected. You have burned the compilation and printed a LightScribe label.
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