In the CD Label Editor window, you can create or load a label. The window is opened when you click the Create button in the LightScribe area on the Misc tab for the current compilation. 


The interface in the CD Label Editor window works on the same principle as Nero CoverDesigner. Basically, it is irrelevant whether you print the label on paper or directly onto an appropriate disc. Please see the separate Nero CoverDesigner user manual for full instructions on how to make professional looking covers and labels. 
The following configuration options are available:
Inner radius
Defines the distance between the label and the inner edge.
Outer Radius
Defines the distance between the label and the outer edge.
Defines the width of the print area.
Label templates
Contains a selection of different templates for designing the label.
You can continue to edit and customize a selected template.
Generates a new label document.
Opens an existing label which was created using Nero CoverDesigner.
Save As
Saves the label you have created.
Adds the label you created to the compilation and closes the window.
Opens the Print Preview window that shows how the label should appear on the LightScribe disc.
Cancels the procedure and closes the window.

CD Label Editor Window