In the Burn Label window you can create or load a label and write it on a Labelflash DVD. Information on the selected printing quality and rotation speed is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. Under Disc type you can see whether the blank disc has been inserted with the label or data side. Either the Labelflash or the DiscT@2 logo is displayed in the Burn Label window depending on which side is inserted. 
The following configuration options are available in the Burn Label window:
Input field
Inner Radius
Defines the distance between the label and the inner edge.
Input field
Defines the width of the print area.
Opens the Labelflash Print Properties window.
This is where you can change the printing quality and the contrast level and display the changes made directly in the print preview.
Opens the Print Preview window that shows how the label should appear on the Labelflash disc.
Selection list
Label templates
Contains a selection of different templates for designing the label. You can continue to edit and customize a selected template.
Starts the burn process.
Cancels the procedure and closes the window.


If you are creating a DiscT@2, Nero Burning ROM displays only the available print area for creating the label by default, i.e. the area on the data side of your DVD that is not already taken up by data. You cannot increase the radius of the print area.

Burn Label Screen