If you have a Labelflash recorder, you can print a label on the label and/or data side of the Labelflash DVD. A Labelflash DVD has a special layer between the top and bottom layers; this layer can be heated by the laser in the recorder so that images and text can be printed on the DVD.   


The interface in the Burn Label screen works on the same principle as Nero CoverDesigner. Basically, it is irrelevant whether you print the label on paper or directly onto an appropriate disc.
Please see the separate Nero CoverDesigner user manual for full instructions on how to make professional looking covers and labels. 


This feature is only available in recorders that support Labelflash technology.
Labelflash is a technology with which pictures and texts can be burned on the label or data side of a disc with a laser.
A label refers to a label on a disc. Some drives, e.g. drives that use LightScribe or Labelflash technology, can transfer labels directly to special media.