With Nero DiscMerge you can merge split files and folders that had been burned on multiple discs using the DiscSpan (UDF) compilation type. The content of the discs is copied on the hard drive during this process. You can exclude individual files from the copy process or select specific files to be copied.
The tool Nero DiscMerge was burned on the last disc of the set – the so called Master Disc – by Nero Burning ROM. 


Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need administrator rights to save the files to secure folders such as C:\Program files. Therefore, a User Account Control message asking for administrator rights may appear with these operating systems.
To restore the data of DiscSpan discs, proceed as follows:
Insert the Master Disc – the last burned disc – into a drive.
Nero DiscMerge starts automatically. The content, i.e. folder structure and files, of the DiscSpan disc set is displayed.


If the program does not start automatically, select the drive with the disc in Windows Explorer. You can start Nero DiscMerge manually by double-clicking the NeroDiscMerge.exe file in the $Nero$ folder.
Select the copy target in the Target path input field by clicking the Browse button.
Select the check box preceding the folder or the file that you want to copy. Select a folder in the left to show the contained files in the right.
Click the Copy Data button.
The Copy Status window is opened.
A message window is opened prompting for the first burned disc.
Remove the current disc and insert the first burned disc into the drive.
The message window is closed and the copy process is started. Split files are merged together. Information about the current step is displayed in the information area. A process bar indicates the progress being made. When the content of this disc is completely copied, then the disc is ejected. The message window is opened again prompting for the next disc.
Insert each disc of the set in chronological burning order.
Once the copy and merging process is complete, the message “Disc merging complete” is displayed in the information area. The Cancel button changes to Close.
Click the Close button.
The Copy Status window is closed.
Click the Close button.
Nero DiscMerge is closed.
You have successfully copied the content of multiple DiscSpan discs to your hard drive.

Remerge and Copy Data with Nero DiscMerge