The ISO tab provides options for configuring the ISO file system. 
ISO 9660 is a system-independent standard. It can be read on all operating systems. The following features apply:
Permits eight characters plus 3 characters for the file extension (Level 1) or 31 characters (Level 2) for the file name including the file extension.
Permits eight characters for the folder name.
Restricts the maximum directory depth to eight levels (including root folder).
The characters A-Z, 0-9 and the underscore (_) are permitted.
In the ISO tab, in the area Relax Restriction, the restrictions imposed by the selected file system can be relaxed. For example, you can allow a higher path level or more than 64 characters for the Joliet name. 


If the disc should be read on all operating systems, select ISO 9660 as the file system and clear all check boxes in the Relax restrictions area.


An advisory message appears on the ISO tab in the Information area if the disc cannot be read on all operating systems.


If the disc is to be used mainly on computers with Microsoft Windows and you want to use lowercase letters and/or foreign language characters for the file names, select ISO 9660 + Joliet as the file system.
The following setting options are available on the ISO tab in the Data and File areas:
Drop-down menu
Data mode
Selects the mode for the data. Mode 1 and Mode 2/XA are available. Newer drives can easily read Mode 1 and Mode 2/XA CDs.
However, some older drives cannot read Mode 1 discs correctly. In the case that the disc is to be able to be read in any case on older drives, select the Mode 2/XA format. 
Drop-down menu
File system
Selects the file system that is used for the data.
ISO 9660 only: ISO format alone is used.
ISO 9660 + Joliet: ISO format is used and is enhanced by the Joliet standard.
ISO 9660:1999: The latest ISO format update is used. Among other things it allows the use of 207 characters and a deeper directory depth. 
Drop-down menu
Length of file name
Defines the possible length of the file name. Level 1 and Level 2 are available. In Level 1 the file name can be eight characters long and the
file name extension (e.g. *.doc) three characters. In Level 2 the file name can be 31 characters long.
Drop-down menu
Character set
Defines the character set used for ISO names. 
Joliet refers to an extension of the ISO-9660 standard for file names. Joliet was designed by Microsoft in order to represent more characters. The file name can be up to 64 characters long and contain the letters A-Z, a-z, umlauts, as well as characters from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

ISO Settings