With Nero Burning ROM and Check Point Media Encryption you can create discs with special encryption security protection. 


This feature is only available if all of the following requirements are fulfilled:
(1) Check Point Endpoint Security Media Encryption, version R73 or later, is installed on your computer.
(2) You are allowed to create Check Point Media Encryption CD/DVDs.
(3) You have a special serial number.
The procedure for compiling and burning a Check Point Media Encryption disc is basically the same as the procedure for compiling and burning data discs. Be sure to select the CD/DVD-ROM (Check Point) entry in the New Compilation window.
When starting the burn process, a window, which originates from Check Point Media Encryption, will be opened. After entering security information, e.g. a password for encryption as defined in your Check Point Media Encryption settings, Check Point Media Encryption then encrypts the data. When the encryption is finished, the window is closed and Nero Burning ROM continues the burn process. Depending on your Check Point Media Encryption settings, a decryption tool is burned on the disc, allowing another user, who does not have Check Point Media Encryption, to access to the data by entering the password.


The encryption of the data does not take place in Nero Burning ROM. Nero AG is not responsible for the data encryption and the decryption tool. These features are provided by Check Point Software Technologies.

Check Point Media Encryption CD/DVD