In the New Compilation window, define the options for copying at the beginning of the copy procedure. You can use the Copy button in the main screen to open the window. The New Compilation window consists of a drop-down menu, various buttons, and tabs.  
Only those disc types supported by the recorder are displayed in the drop-down menu. If the recorder can only burn CDs, the drop-down menu is grayed out.


Using Nero Burning ROM you can create image files for disc types that the installed recorder cannot burn. You can enable this function via the File > Options > Expert Features menu, Enable all supported recorder formats for image recorder check box. The drop-down menu in the Compilation window then makes available all supported disc types.
The following configuration options are available:
Disc Info
Displays information on the disc inserted, such as contents (if any) or available capacity for instance.
Starts the copy process.
Closes the New Compilation window.
The following tabs are available:
Gives the path to the temporary image file and provides information on the speed of the hard drive.
Copy Options
Contains options for configuring copying.
Read Options
Contains options for configuring reading of the original disc.
Contains options for configuring the burn process.

Copy Settings