The following configuration options are available on the Compilation tab:


Check box
Start with new compilation
Starts when opening a new compilation from Nero Burning ROM.
Check box
Remember last used volume label
Makes available the title for the next disc.
Check box
Show compilation size in the Nero status bar
Displays the storage volume of your files in a status bar.
Check box
Clear archive bits of written files during ISO refresh
Deletes the archive bits of saved files.
Check box
Allow semicolons in Joliet names
Allows the use of semicolons in addition to standard uppercase and lowercase letters and Unicode characters (and German umlauts) in file names in the Joliet file system.
Check box
Show original path with ISO compilation
Lists the full path of the added files in the compilation screen in the Source column.
Archive Bit
Archive bits are used to identify files that have been edited. A file is only resaved during the next backup process if it was edited (and an archive bit is thus reset).
Joliet refers to an extension of the ISO-9660 standard for file names. Joliet was designed by Microsoft in order to represent more characters. The file name can be up to 64 characters long and contain the letters A-Z, a-z, umlauts, as well as characters from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Compilation Settings