Many CD players cannot read rewritable CDs (CD-RW). You should therefore use normal CD-ROMs for burning Audio CDs. 
To start the burn process, proceed as follows:
Choose a recorder from the drop-down menu in the main screen.
Insert an appropriate blank disc.
If technically possible you can change the disc type in the drop-down menu.


You can select an appropriate disc format without loss of information at any time in the main screen. Note that this has to be technically possible – for example you are obliged to burn an Audio CD to a CD. But it is possible to start with a data CD and change later to a data DVD, for example. The possibility to change the disc type is useful when starting a compilation without knowing how much space is required by the files.
If you want to check or select the options regarding this compilation type:
Click the Burn button in the main screen.
The Burn Compilation window is opened; the Burn tab is in front.
Check or select the options on the individual tabs.
Click the Burn button.
If you want to start directly, click the Burn Now button in the upper main screen.
The burn process is started. On the screen a progress bar indicates the progress being made by the burn process.
If you want to shut down the PC when done (as long as this is technically feasible), select the Shut Down PC after Completion of Burn check box.
If you want to check the written data after burning, select the Verify written data check box.
When the burn process has finished, a message window is opened.
If you want to display the extended area with the event log, click the Details button.
If you want to start another burn process with the same compilation, click the Burn Again button.
Click the OK button.
The burning process is complete. You can now remove the burned disc from the recorder.

Starting the Burn Process