In the Choose Recorder window you can select a recorder for burning. You can open the window via the button which is on the right side of the recorder drop-down menu. The window shows useful information about the recorder (e.g. supported disc types). In the advanced area you can set expert options. The available options depend on the chosen recorder.  
The following setting options are available in the advanced area:
Check box
Buffer underrun protection
Provides buffer underrun protection.
This feature is particularly useful for burning CDs.
Check box
Write extended lead-out on double-layer discs
Writes an extended lead-out of 515 MB on the second layer of a double-layer multisession DVD when this area contains less data. Doing so improves the read compatibility.
This feature is particularly useful for burning a data multisession DVD on a double-layer disc. It is not needed when the DVD is going to be finalized.
Check box
DVD high compatibility mode
Burns the DVD up to a radius of at least 30 mm (approx. 1 GB), even when the compilation contains less data. In doing so the DVD is forced to meet the DVD-Video specification which reduces the possibility of read errors.
This feature is particularly useful for burning DVD-Videos.
Check box
BD defect management
Burns the Blu-ray Disc in defect management mode. In doing so the burner allocates part of the disc so that it is once again able to burn the data that has been damaged in a write error. BD defect management reduces the write speed but increases data security.
This feature is particularly useful for burning data Blu-ray Discs or for burning backups to Blu-ray Discs.
Drop-down menu
Book Type Settings
Defines the book type setting for a DVD.
This feature is particularly useful for burning to a blank DVD.


Four book type settings are available: 
Automatic: Automatically selects the most suitable book type for this DVD.
DVD-ROM: Sets the book type to DVD-ROM. Select this setting if the DVD is to be played on several DVD players or your DVD player has difficulties with self-burned DVDs or of the DVD-, DVD+ or DVD-RW specification.
Physical disc type: Selects the book type which is specified on the DVD.
Current recorder setting: Leaves the book type setting to the recorder.
Buffer Underrun
A buffer underrun is an interruption in the data flow in the internal memory (e.g. of the recorder). A buffer underrun results from an interruption in the data flow to the internal buffer. The buffer continues to deliver data until it is finally empty. When recording, data is fed continuously to the recorder’s buffer in order to keep a steady flow of data. If the steady flow of data is interrupted, the media becomes unusable. Most modern recorders have a protective mechanism against buffer underruns.
Book Type
The book type defines the specification (e.g. DVD-, DVD+, DVD-ROM) of a DVD. In order to ensure correct playback, the DVD specifications are defined in books so that all media can be read correctly. The specifications are defined in the so-called Rainbow Books, which are distinguished by means of their color (e.g. Yellow Book).

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