To create a bootable disc, proceed as follows: 
Click the New button in the main Nero Burning ROM screen.
The New Compilation window is opened.
Select the desired disc format from the drop-down menu.
Select the desired Boot compilation type.
The tabs for the bootable disc are displayed; the Boot tab is in front.
If the template data for the bootable disc should originate from a logical drive:
Select the Bootable logical drive option button in the Source of boot image data area.
Select the entry you want from the drop-down menu.


If the logical drive you want does not appear in the drop-down menu, the reason for this is that the drive is bigger than the space available on the disc. Please note that for operating systems such as Microsoft® Windows® 2000 you need to have administrator rights in order to be able to access drives directly, which you will need to do if you are to create bootable discs.
If the template data for the bootable disc should originate from an image file:
Select the Image file option button in the Source of boot image data area.
Click the Browse button and select the desired image file.
Select the Enable expert settings check box and select the emulation type for the image file from the Kind of emulation drop-down menu if appropriate.


Nero Burning ROM makes the boot image file DosBootimage.ima available. The path to the image file is entered in the Image file field by default. You can also select the language that should appear while the system is booting and select the correct keyboard layout from the Boot locale drop-down menu.
DosBootimage is an image of the Caldera DOS boot floppy disk and emulates a floppy disk. The image contains drivers for reading from disc drives and supports FAT32 (read/write) as well as NTFS (read only). If you choose DosBootimage for the bootable disc, the expert settings are already predefined. 


If you choose an ISOLINUX boot image file, Nero Burning ROM sets the expert settings automatically correct for ISOLINUX bootable disc. 
Select any other options required on the tabs.
Click the New button.
The selection screen is displayed.
Select the files/folders that should be written to the ISO part of the bootable disc and drag them into the compilation area.
The files/folders are displayed in the compilation area and the capacity bar indicates how much storage space is required on the disc. You have now created the bootable disc and can start the burn process.
Bootable CD
Booting refers to loading the operating system when a computer is started. This is normally done from the hard drive. However, if you do not want to boot or cannot boot your computer from your hard drive for whatever reason, you ca
n load an operating environment from the drive with a boot CD.

Creating and Burning a Bootable Disc