The CD EXTRA tab provides configuration options for albums.  
The following information is available in the Info area:
Display panels
Displays information on the compilation.
The following configuration options are available in the Album area:
Input field
Album identification
Defines a name for the album. This is particularly useful when the album is to comprise several CDs.
Input field
Number of volumes in album
Defines the number of discs that the compilation should contain.
Input field
Album sequence number
Defines the album number of the current disc.
Opens the CD EXTRA Pictures window where you can select the pictures for the front and flipside of the CD and define the picture format.
The following configuration options are available in the Localization area:
Display panel
Displays available languages. When you select a language, you can add the title for the album in the Album title text box. Each language can contain a different title.
Opens the New Language window where you can select a new language from a country list.
Deletes the selected language.
Input field
Album Title
Adds an album title to the language highlighted in the Languages selection list.

CD-Extra Settings