The Source tab displays the audio files on the Audio CD. The functions of the control buttons correspond to the familiar control buttons on CD players.
The following setting options are available:
Drop-down menu
Source drive
Selects the drive where the Audio CD is inserted.
Title Selection List
Displays the tracks on the Audio CD. You can select individual tracks to copy by selecting the respective check box.  
Sends a new query to the Gracenote Media Database and completes the Audio CD’s metadata including artist, title name, and genre if a matching entry exists in the database. 
Opens the Edit Meta Data window. Here, you can edit the Audio CD metadata sent by Gracenote. You can enter the metadata if no entry for your Audio CD exists in the Gracenote Media Database. This metadata is sent to Gracenote, and added to the Gracenote Media Database.
Input fields
Displays or specifies metadata for the album, artist and year.
Selection list
Displays or specifies the genre.
Cover area
Displays Album Art, i.e., the cover of the Audio CD.
Load Cover
Loads an alternative cover from your hard drive.

Source Tab