The Audio CD tab provides options for setting the Audio CD. 
The following configuration options are available on the Audio CD tab in the General area:


Check box
Normalize all audio files
Enables a filter that brings the volume of the audio files to be burned into line with one another. This is particularly recommended if the audio files originate from different sources. 
Check box
No pause between tracks
Allows the audio files to merge into one another on the Audio CD without a pause (just like in live recordings).
If the check box is cleared, there are pauses of two seconds between the audio files.
We strongly recommend using the disc-at-once mode. Otherwise the zero pause length may not be supported by all recorders and/or a very short clicking noise may be heard between tracks.
The following configuration options are available in the CD Text area: 
Check box
Write on CD
Enables the option for writing CD Text. With CD players that support CD Text, the title of the CD, the name of the audio file as well as the name of the artist appear in the display.
CD Text can only be written in disc-at-once mode.
Input field
Defines the label of the Audio CD.
Input field
Defines the artist.
You can also enter additional information about the Audio CD such as the producer or comments.

Audio CD Settings