Nero SecurDisc Viewer is a standalone application that is part of the SecurDisc technology platform. SecurDisc is a technology developed by Nero and HLDS to create discs with special protection properties. SecurDisc refers to both the software technology as well as the special hardware technology.
Nero SecurDisc Viewer is available as a free download at or and is also included automatically in a SecurDisc disc that is burned with Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express. 
Discs that are created with Nero and the SecurDisc compilation type include data integrity and reconstruction. Additionally the data on the SecurDisc disc can be protected against unauthorized access by using a password. The data can also be digitally signed. Nero SecurDisc Viewer allows you to copy the protected data to your hard drive and to check the security of the data. 
If PDF files haven been protected using the SecurDisc copy-protection feature, Nero SecurDisc Viewer allows you to copy and open the PDF files. Note that a SecurDisc supported drive (e.g. from HLDS/LG) is necessary for this special feature. 


More information on SecurDisc technology can be found at
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